Thursday, April 9, 2009

9.5 Month Check In

Sorry for the delay... but between Mommy and Daddy's busy jobs and my new found adventures in trying to kill myself, we've been too tired to post.

I love this stage of life. I babble and giggle. I dance and clap. Seriously, I am SO entertaining that the only use for DVDs in this house is as chew toys. On our trip, I learned how to wave and woo the ladies -- the older ones with money!

When I am not busy dancing and playing my piano, I like to test my limits. This includes dive-bombs off the couch, pulling cords out of the socket, playing in the cats' water bowl, and trying to roll off the changing table. So far the only major damage that I have caused is breaking of 2 lamps in 2 weeks.

My stats:
20 pounds
28.75 inches
Not much hair

The word "big rig"

Pureed meat
Being spoon-fed
Drunk people on airplanes

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Foiled again.

Mommy and Daddy took me on a trip to a place called Curacao. I'm not really sure exactly where that is, but I was on airplanes for a very long time. I'm not a real big fan of those noisy uncomfortable flying tubes, but I didn't get a vote.

This pretty but garish town is Willemstad, Curacao's capital. We spent one day of our trip wandering around this city. As you might imagine, I refused to sit properly in the lime-green mobile prison. I howled very loudly whenever they tried to strap me in, so they let me sit and face forward sometimes. I had a much nicer view from there.

Late in the afternoon, my parental captors were hungry and thirsty. Their needs were exacerbated by their efforts in keeping me captive, which made me happy. When small victories are all you've managed your whole life, you learn to celebrate whenever you get the opportunity.

While they ate, drank and indulged in insipid conversation, I was given a bottle to replenish fluids I'd lost from the heat. When finished, I quickly stole Daddy's beer, which made a loud popping sound that startled me when it was opened. While they were distracted by their laughter at the evident cuteness of a small baby holding a beer, I wanted to sample the beverage.

Yuck! It smelled awful.

The scent of this foul potion (along with some rocking) knocked me right out.

When I came to, we were far from Willemstad, and back in the temporary prison I endured while on the island. I was able to secure a document which I was certain would enable me to escape with the help of the long arm of the law on our ridiculously long trip back:

It didn't.

Didya miss me?

I hope so.

You might remember that way back when I was a little tyke that I embarked on a mobility and strength regimen? Well, that program might very well be the only thing in the country paying dividends.

I've been crawling for more than three months these days, and I'm fast and strong, if I say so myself. As I mentioned in my last post, I was working my upper body strength while avoiding my enslavers. Well, the last two months have seen many of my escape attempts foiled, but I continue to lull my captors into a false sense of security with smiles, giggles and cute noises. I'm crafty, you see.

Rather than spend time updating you on my progress, I was busy searching the various holding cells for items that might be useful. After seeing the end of Shawshank Redemption, I even tried to gnaw my way out of my prison crib using my new teeth, but my captors caught me and placed a gummy strip over the wood, erasing my progress and preventing further attempts using this effective, though slow, method.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Seven Month Check-in

Liam is one active kid. Since learning how to crawl just after his 6-month birthday, he has moved onto standing and scooting around couches, tables and other items that he can pull himself up on. Liam cut his first tooth and experienced his first ear infection in the same week.

Bananas and Oatmeal
Playing on his baby grand piano
Putting power cords in his mouth
Standing up on his own (with assistance from inanimate object, of course)

Antibiotics (creates the worst poops ever)
Hitting his head while falling down
Have a tooth cut through his gums

Escape Artist

Learning to crawl has given me an even greater ability -- escape artist extraordinaire. Now I can crawl out anything that I am not strapped into. Actually, I think I can get out straps too. I just haven't put enough effort into trying.

I was on my way to figuring out how to get out of my crib. But those damn parental units took away my greatest asset-- the bumper. I was devising a new plan that involved my friends in the sky. But then poof my mobile was gone.

So now my plan is to increase my upper body strength. I can already pull myself off the ground in my Pack n Play. Fortunately, this feat has not been recorded by video or still photography. Every time my enslavers go to get a recording device, I simply release back into a standing position.

Crawling and Gnawing

Over Christmas break, I learned how to crawl. It is quite fun getting from place to place on my own. At first, I typically used this skill to find new objects to put in my mouth... crib slats, power cords, Grandpa's feet, toys, etc.

Once I got some real speed, I used it to attack the kitties. So much fun! You wouldn't believe how slow these cats are. Easy targets.

I remember how delighted everyone was by my crawling at first. Now they just seem to be worried or annoyed... constantly calling out my name in this new exasperated way. Lee-um! Disgusting... I hate.

They also try to thwart me from my mission of finding things to put in my mouth by calling out my name in sing-song manner while waving their hands at me. I think this is truly hilarious. They must think I'm a dog or something.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

4 Generations

Did you know that Liam was named after his great-grandfather Bill?
In fact, he is the fourth generation William on Doug's side of the family. While we were in Indiana, we captured this picture of all four Williams! They are known by Doug and I as: Grandpa Bill, Uncle Craig (he goes by his middle name), cousin Wil (oddly, he goes by his middle name too) and, of course, Liam.